The Hardware

How our app listens to your truck


The Basics

To be in compliance with the ELD regulation, we need a way to get information like speed, odometer, and engine hours from your truck's Engine Control Module (ECM). To that end, we use one of two Bluetooth-enabled devices that act as a bridge between your engine and the app on your tablet.

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For heavy duty trucks, the Pacific Track PT-30 is our device of choice. It works with all major manufacturers' heavy duty vehicles back to model year 2000, and even before in some cases. Its Bluetooth Low Energy connection also makes it very easy to use, with setup time often taking only a few minutes.

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BAFX 34t5

When working with light-duty vehicles the 34t5 by BAFX comes into play. Its rugged construction and versatile array of protocols make it an excellent choice for mixed light- and heavy-duty fleets in many cases as well.