The App

Less time spent on paperwork.
More time on the road.


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The Dashboard

The main page of the app. At a glance, you can see how many hours you have available to drive today, how long until you need to take a break and your current duty status is. At a touch, you can view your logs, change your status, set up a trip, and more.


Your Logs

Need to review how long you've driven in the last week? It's as easy as going to the View Logs screen. From this screen, you can also email your logs.


Change Duty Status

When it's time to go on or off Rest Break, Off Duty, or On Duty Not Driving, you can set your status here. And if your account has been set up for it, Personal Conveyance, Yard Move and other specialized duty statuses can be found here as well.

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Trips and Inspections

Need to set up a trip? Perform a vehicle inspection? This is the place to go. The Trips and Inspections screens will let you create trips, perform pre-trip, interim, and post-trip inspections, and close out your trips, all within the app.